We are STALL and we are ready to provide you with everything you may need for setting up a market, or a fair, or a festival or even something we still don’t know the name of. 
We have the largest database of visual artists and merchants and keep our doors open for new ones - they could all be your potential partners. We are STALL and of course we have stalls and plenty more good things for rent. We are here, but can be wherever you ask… Once we’ll do a food-fest on Mars for Mask
Find the location
where you want to make you market and get the permission. After with location you are done

Share your ideas
by creating market at our site. Just press “Start your market” and fill the information. If you don’t understand all the fields don’t worry, after registration our team will help you. And all you left is to
Find the like minded ones
At the published market merchants from our database and also new ones will start responding by booking a stall. Once your market reaches minimum quantity of booked stalls (which we will determine together) the rest is upon us - we’ve got tools for fulfilling your vision.